Classic Home Made Burger by Souled Out Ampang

Hello peeps!

This will be the first entry of DemBURGERS, a blog dedicated to all burger lovers. I will be reviewing burgers here so just sit tight & drool yourself over!

Well I was on a date with my lovely wifey at Souled Out Ampang (Sommerset) when we came across this burger. Somehow we came in quite late so they already closed up on a lot of menu, leaving only 3 categories out for picks.

Souled Out Ampang entrance
Having some pizza too while waiting for burger

This one falls under ‘Lightbites & Supper’ category. Classic Home Made Burger. Just like its name, real simple burger setting. Handmade beef patty with cheddar cheese, coral lettuce, a slice of tomato and sandwiched between lightly toasted sesame bun, served with perfectly salted fries & dark red dipping sauce (taste like McDonald’s Cheeseburger sauce, but many time better!).

Souled Out Ampang
Classic Home Made Beef Burger

I requested for medium finish, hoping for them juices will be in the patty. And yeah, it did. Once you take a bite on this guy, the juicy patty will definitely sprayed out from the back! The patty itself was quite big & you need to properly handle it for a bite.

Under the hood
Souled Out Ampang entrance

The taste on this burger is really satisfying. It did not have that dry taste when you eat big patties. It got it’s own light grilled flava & juiciness in every bite, nothing too strong. To add more taste to it, I top the patty with some of them dipping sauce and it really fit the whole thing.

It was worth the price tag of RM24.00 per serving man. Fulfilling & satisfying AF. I would recommend this one to you all. Come have a bite. Would definitely come again.


Menu : Classic Home Made Burger

Pricetag: Rm24.00

Demrating: 9/10


Souled Out Ampang,

G1, Ground Floor, Menara HSC,
No. 187 Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mondays – Sundays:
7am till closing





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